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Massage Therapy

Touch the Body, Calm the Mind, Heal the Body

Kathleen is the Massage Therapist at Root + Wellness. She proudly offers the following services:

Swedish Massage


60 Minutes: $70

90 Minutes: $100

Promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and tension, lowers blood pressure and promotes circulation in the body. Swedish massage can be very healing, promoting great relaxation and helps with insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Deep Tissue Massage


60 Minutes: $70

90 Minutes: $100

Deep tissue works the deeper muscles in the body, as well as the connective tissue known as fascia. First relaxing the superficial muscles, that then allows the massage therapist to go deeper with different massage techniques. Can benefit chronic tension and knots.

Kathleen Duffy, LMT
Kathleen Duffy, LMTMassage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner
Kathleen graduated from Cortiva Institute of Boston in 2013, completing 750 hours of training in various massage styles and techniques and started her own massage practice in her hometown of Winthrop, Massachusetts shortly after.

Just a year later, Kathleen took her first yoga class at The Yoga Lounge, Stefanie’s yoga studio. She immediately fell in love with the practice of yoga and within five weeks she decided to complete her 200 hour teacher training to bring this joy to others. Kathleen’s yoga practice has been the greatest compliment to her massage practice, enabling her to give clients a better understanding of their own bodies and the stresses they cary. Often times, Kathleen will leave her clients with yoga poses they can do on their own to continue to improve ailments in between massage sessions.

In addition, Kathleen is a Reiki Practitioner 1. Reiki is “Universal Life Force”, laying of the hands on the body to promote healing in the bodies energy field and seven Chakras. It relieves stress and promotes deep relaxation that helps with the bodies natural healing process.

Kathleen believes treating the body, mind and soul, promoting self love and healing. Treatments with Kathleen calm the mind, relax the body, while relieving stress and tension in a safe place.

Kathleen also teaches yoga at The Yoga Lounge, the PACE Program at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and the Winthrop Senior Center.

Kathleen works by appointment Only.   To schedule an appointment, please contact her via text/telephone at: 617-785-6053