Project Description

Life Coaching / Counseling

Erin offers counseling sessions in person, by video or via telephone.  Each session will be client-led, strengths-based, and with an emphasis on mindfulness. Erin uses a combination of theories/approaches, depending on what feels most appropriate and natural for each individual. Gentle yet persistent development of coping skills, emotion regulation, and processing of personal experiences are part of the greater process.


Initial Visit: $150
Follow up Visits: $125

**At this time, Erin is not working with any insurance agencies but can provide you with a receipt and any additional information that your insurance requires for reimbursement.

Erin Clifton Harrison, LMHC
Erin Clifton Harrison, LMHCLife Coach & Mental Health Counselor
As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over fifteen years of working with individuals, groups, and families, Erin believes that healing can come through the development of mindfulness, in the empowering of ourselves through self-awareness, the constructive exploring of our relationships with others, and taking the time to create peace and clarity in this complex chaotic world. During sessions, Erin aims to provide an environment for you to reconnect to your joy, feel whole versus disjointed, and seek to create a balance between challenge and kindness for yourself.

Helping others use their own strengths to empower themselves has been a lifelong passion for Erin. Along with education from Binghamton University, Boston College, and Northeastern University, she has had extensive experience working with relationship issues, parenting, anxiety, stress management, adjustment, grief or loss, and trauma.

Erin recognizes that reaching out to begin this journey is a brave and important step and is aware of the privilege it would be to accompany you.

Call 857-273-1383 or [email protected]

Erin works by Appointment only. To book an appointment with her, please contact her via telephone: 857-273-1383  or email: [email protected]