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We all Need to Slow Down and Go Get Acupuncture

Stephanie is the Founder and our fearless leader at Root + Sky Wellness. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Yoga and wellness in general provides great inspiration for all.

Acupuncture is a traditional form of Chinese Medicine that has been around for over 3 thousand years. It is a natural, safe treatment that includes the insertion of sterile, hair thin, single use, stainless steel needles on various points of the body. Treatments are painless and can help with conditions ranging from digestive, sleep, respiratory, headaches, high blood pressure, recovery and chronic pain. Treatments are catered to the patients needs. Treatments may also include cupping, moxa, heat lamps, massage, and electrotherapy.


Initial intake and treatment: $120

Follow up treatment: $90

30 Minute pediatric treatments (infants/toddlers): $40


6) 60 Minute treatments: $500

12) 60 Minute treatments: $955

*Stephanie can accept flex spending and HSA for acupuncture treatments. She can also provide you with a receipt to submit to insurance as some will reimburse. However, she cannot bill insurance directly.

Thai Massage and Bodywork

Pressure is applied in a rhythmic sequence along energy lines with the practitioner using their thumbs, hands, and feet to stimulate the movement of energy in the body. Passive, yoga-based stretches are used to free muscular and joint tension. Sessions are performed on a comfortable floor mat with the client dressed in comfortable loose fitting clothing.


60 Minutes: $120

120 Minutes: $150

Stefanie Finocchio-Durham, MCPHS
Stefanie Finocchio-Durham, MCPHSAcupuncture, Body Cupping, Thai Floor Massage, Yoga Teacher
Stefanie’s journey to wellness began in 2005. She was seeking balance and an escape from the chaos found in leaving home for the first time, as a freshman in college. Summer 2005, Stefanie walked into her first yoga class, and still continues to find herself there- a place to connect, feel strong, healthy, free and clear. Years later Stef pursued her 200 hour yoga teaching training and certificate in Advanced Thai Massage, with a mission to help others feel the same grounding effects of the practice that she had.

Serendipitously, Stefanie visited an acupuncture clinic for shoulder pain and was blown away by the immediate results. So much so that she thought to herself, I HAVE to practice this medicine! In fall of 2013, Stefanie enrolled in a masters program at the New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS, seeking her degree in acupuncture. She felt at home studying Chinese Medicine. It just clicked with her. This beautiful medicine circled around the earth, the seasons, yin and yang. It was all so complicated- yet so clear and simple all at the same time.

The first year of her graduate program Stefanie and a fellow local yogi opened The Yoga Lounge in her hometown of Winthrop, Massachusetts. The next four years were some of the busiest, most beautiful, emotionally trying years of her life. She got married, had a baby, and managed the studio all while working towards her Masters in Acupuncture from NESA/ MCPHS. In 2017 Stefanie graduated ready to help others see the magic in Chinese medicine.

In 2018 Stefanie opened her second small business, a holistic health and wellness retreat just outside of Boston and minutes from her yoga studio, Root + Sky Wellness. Stefanie hopes this practice will be a positive addition to the Boston area, opening people’s eyes to the beautiful, non-invasive, effective world of chinese medicine.

Stefanie holds a MA acupuncture license, is nationally board certified through the NCCAOM, holds a BA in Writing from Umass, Masters of Acupuncture from MCPHS, Advanced Thai Massage Training Certification, 200 hour yoga teacher training and Clean Needle Technique Certification.

Stephanie works by Appointment only. to schedule an appointment, please text/call: 207-266-6363 or email: [email protected]