The Many Benefits of Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Microblading and Permanent Makeup can make people feel better about themselves! As a cancer survivor, Oncology Certified Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist; I can help! It takes both a physical and emotional toll on the body to discover you have cancer or an auto immune deficiency that impacts hair growth anywhere in the body.

As a skilled Practitioner, I am armed with tools that make a world of difference in one’s life.  Although some might view my job as a superficial one, it is hardly that. Let me explain.

Not everyone I see has the perfect “canvas” to work with. For instance, if I am using permanent makeup do a 3D areola on a Breast Cancer Patient whose skin has been compromised from mastectomy, surgeries, scarring or burns from radiation, it can make it hard to envision the outcome (as a patient).  As a Practitioner/Tattoo Artist, I give hope to my clients while also shutting the door on their diagnosis. Typically with a 3D Areola client, it means they are at their end of their journey.

Beauty is an Art form

And now, micro blading (a trend word) is expanding beyond the eyebrows and onto the scalp. It’s being used to help people who are losing their hair, and those whose hair is naturally thin to mimic the look of real hair. Microblading is actually “permanent make-up”; the process doesn’t attach real or artificial hair, it deposits ink into the skin that looks like hair strokes. The following quote from the cited source article below sums up the procedure nicely:

Microblading is the practice of implanting hair strokes with cosmetic-grade pigment into the skin using a manual method. By creating an almost ‘Art Deco’ style pattern on the scalp, we can simulate the hair growth patter and create the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

Help for those in Need

Good emotional health is as important as good physical health. A lack of self-esteem and confidence can lead to depression, among other issues. Of course, no one will be surprised to learn that self-esteem is very often, if not universally, tied to the appearance.

Jonas Salk cured Polio 60 years ago; Neil Armstrong strode upon the lunar surface 48 years back. Yet even with those great accomplishments, (and a massive array of other scientific achievements since) Medicine has still been frustratingly unable to develop a viable means to deal with hair loss.

Consider please that the problem expands beyond normal genetic balding. Issues like stress, chemotherapy and alopecia can cause abnormal hair loss. Some can remove clumps of a person’s hair while leaving the rest. Any medical issue is tough enough without it taking a toll on a patient’s appearance, too.

Due to Covid-19, I have suspended my Permanent Makeup Services

Due to patient load and scheduling around the new COVID restrictions, I will be suspending my permanent makeup business. If you are a patient, or if Microblading or Permanent Makeup Services are of interest to you, I would also be happy to recommend trustworthy local artists to carryout your goals. 

*Additional Information Source:

Kerry Spindler, Esthetician, Permanent Makeup Artist

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