Don’t Forget your Sunscreen

Many women (and men) have a beauty routine they’re accustomed to when getting ready in the morning. You may or may not know this, but there’s a correct order to skin care products and make-up application. In addition, there is a correct time frame to allow the product to absorb into your skin in order to be effective.

Sunscreen is the most important skincare product in your regimen. It should be applied to your face AFTER skin treatments, or AFTER your makeup application. I know it doesn’t seem optimal to APPLY SUNSCREEN LAST, but, you want sunscreen to act as your body armor and protect your skin in the very best way. Skin protection protects your skin from sun damage, wrinkles and of course skin cancer.

If you’re using a prescription, or applying other topical products to your face, wait twenty minutes or so to give them time to penetrate your skin before applying sunscreen. Allowing time in between skin treatments and sunscreen application will help your sunblock’s ability to form a protective barrier on your skin. Of course if you don’t wear any make-up, sunscreen should always be applied liberally. I carry an assortment of anti-aging moisturizers that include sunscreen.

Did you know that the way in which you apply sunscreen to your face is also important? A nickel-sized application of sunscreen is the correct amount to apply when getting ready in the morning. Make sure to pat on your sunscreen instead of rubbing it in. This will ensure your sunscreen is applied evenly, and help prevent any skin irritation from the friction that comes with rubbing.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, near windows, or anywhere that sun exposure is a given, re-application will be necessary in order to maintain maximum coverage. This may again sound inconvenient, or even have you worried about messing up your make-up; but I carry a very easy solution that is purse size for your convenience (just ask). There is really no excuse not to wear sunscreen last.

What might seem inconvenient at first will be routine later on. You can rest-assured that requiring skin cancer treatments, laser treatments or expensive wrinkle creams would be far more inconvenient than resorting to this simple and correct order of applying products.

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