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Sustainability Policies for the Environment

At Kerry Spindler – Skin. Beauty. Wellness Med Spa and Holistic Wellness Studio, we love all things beauty and are passionate about skin health. Our approach is holistic, and are sustainability policies greatly influence our co-workers, the community and and our well-being. This is a big reason not only to care for you but also for the environment – – that is why we have policies in place.

Our Med Spa and Holistic Wellness Studio has committed to implementing green, sustainable, eco-friendly policies for your benefit. We are proud to announce our environmentally conscious sustainability policies:

Kerry Spindler – Skin. Beauty. Wellness only uses cardboard cartons for the packaging of all our products. Cardboard is easily recyclable and even compostable. Cardboard fibers can be recycled up to 25 times, saving many resources and trees, of course. It has a lower carbon footprint than other kinds of gift boxes. We have eliminated as much plastic as possible from our processes with this and other measures. 

Strengthening Our Community

We reviewed and improved all our administrative processes to eliminate unnecessary paper use and paper waste. All the print mistakes, junk mail, reports, presentations, or mixed paper products can add up to an estimated 70% of the total waste in offices. We have cut it all out. We strongly believe we can significantly impact the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling all paper products. 

Non-Toxic & Cruelty Free

However, our most important contribution is the use of non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients and products. Non-toxic ingredients are not only healthier for your skin but also for the environment. The ingredients we use are primarily plant-based and 100% natural. These products don’t use chemicals in their manufacturing processes, so no damage is done to the environment. They have no chemicals in the final product, so no harm is done to your skin. Moreover, no animals have been harmed by the products or processes we

We will keep reviewing and implementing our sustainability policies and strategies to contribute to your and the planet’s health.

Sustainable living is the practice of reducing your demand for natural resources by making sure that you replace what you use to the best of your ability. Sometimes that can mean not choosing to consume a product that is made using practices that don’t promote sustainability, and sometimes it means changing how you do things so that you start becoming more of an active part of the cycle of life. 

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