Skin cancer hasn’t always been taken as seriously as it really needs to be. It’s the most common form of cancer around the globe, and among its variations is the potentially fatal Melanoma.

All forms of skin cancer can usually be treated effectively if they’re caught early enough. And fortunately this disease does give us a huge break. Unlike most other cancers, it’s often visible to the eye right from the start.

Being Self-Aware

We spend a lot of time around our own bodies, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep an eye on our skin. We all have moles, blemishes and birthmarks that we’re familiar with. But the key is to pay attention if any of them begin to change, or to any new ones that form.

If you should notice that any are changing in size or color; any that become itchy, scaly, or start secreting blood or other fluids, you should bring it to the attention of your doctor or dermatologist as quickly as possible. If you’re married or in a relationship, have your partner regularly check the areas of your skin that you can’t see for any irregularities. If you’re single ask a trusted friend and then your doctor at every checkup.

The quicker a skin abnormality is diagnosed as an issue, the better the chance that it can be successfully dealt with. Conversely, the last thing anyone wants to do with skin cancer or Melanoma is to let it spread.

Remember, it’s rare that any major disease will voluntarily alert you to its presence at the outset by handing you a warning sign on a silver platter. And it’s our responsibility to take advantage of such a gift.

As an Esthetician, I will always check your skin (not full body) when you come for regular visits and notify you if there is any cause for concern. While this part of my service is helpful, I am not a Doctor and encourage regular Dermatology appointments.

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