vagina steam

  • 30 Mins | $50 Series 5 Treatments | $200 Using a Fertility blend of Chinese herbs this steam will enhance the health of the reproductive system, warms the womb and invigorate the circulation of the chi while stimulating blood flow to the uterus and clearing dampness.
  • 30 Mins | $50 Series 5 Treatments | $200
    Ideal for women who have extreme menstrual pain, heavy flow, excess bloat and/or irregularities such as intermittent bleeding, absent, or unpredictable menstrual cycles and wish to restore a healthy natural cycle.
  • 30 Mins | $50 Series 5 Treatments | $200
    Ideal for Mothers who seek an assisted postpartum recovery and to restore uterine, sexual, and reproductive health. 
  • 1 hr | $90 This Vagina Steam treatment is the talk of all your friends.  Inspired by an ancient ritual practiced for hundreds of years in Asia and Africa. This steaming treatment stimulates the production of hormones to maintain uterine health, aids regular menstrual cycles, clears up hormonal acne, promotes circulation,and helps correct digestive disorders.
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