Smells Like Teen Spirit


30 -45 Min | $89
Smells Like Teen Spirit Facial
Personalized skin analysis, steam, extractions and calming mask. (18 years and younger).
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Smells Like Teen Spirit Facial

30-45 min | $89
Personalized skin analysis, steam, extractions and calming mask. (18 years and younger). The Smells Like Teen Spirit Facial includes an analysis, cleanse, steam and mask.

We have a special skin care regimen that is suited just for teens, their very active lifestyles with school and sports, and other extracurricular activities, and above their unique skin types that react to the plethora of the growth hormones in their bodies. A visit to our Boston Med Spa can help , We start with a thorough deep cleansing that can unclog pores and blackheads, and remove excessive sebum or skin oils that cause acne. You see, the first rule of a healthy skin is a clean skin that can be sometimes challenging to maintain given the busy schedules that most teenagers have. And home remedies and creams may not show the desired results.

A better choice is to get a teen facial by one of our Practitioners. Our experts will first study your skin and the specific issues you deal with it before advising you on the right kind of facial because each teenager has a different skin and the regimen that suits your best friend might not work on you.  Next, your skin is exfoliated by using gentle methods to remove the dry skin cells and other impurities without causing any damage to it. If needed, your skin will also be steamed to loosen the dirt and oils before removing them. After the cleansing is completed, a specially formulated mask is applied to nourish the skin, finishing with a lotion that is completely oil-free.


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