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Kerry has been in the Press and  beauty industry longer than some of her clients have been born (almost 3 decades)! Before becoming Boston’s Premier Esthetician, she  worked in New York City and Los Angeles serving famous faces and top authorities in the industry. In addition, Kerry was the COO of a multi-national skincare line with offices in New York City and Paris, France until 2017.  From grassroots through growth, Kerry led the initiatives.

Kerry is a constant learner who is motivated by all things “beauty”. ​​She is always training with top industry experts and supports emerging beauty brands push through their growth plans.  Kerry is extremely knowledgeable about the beauty industry. She has been a welcome addition to top magazines, national television and major industry events.  In addition she has served on several Board seats including charitable organizations in an advisory capacity.

In 2017 Kerry shifted her focus to the attention on her family and life balance. She is now residing in Boston full-time where she is taking clients by appointment.  Kerry offers a much different and passionate prospective about the skin. Her less is more philosophy is a breathtaking change to the advertising confusion we see on the internet and television.

Kerry has been featured: on Lifetime for Women Network, New Beauty Magazine, Us Weekly, Extra TV, various media for Mercedes Fashion Week, the Weather Channel, InStyle Magazine, the Style Network, Times Square Billboard, Radio MD, It’s Your Health on NPR, Connecticut Style, Arise 360, FOX Health, Academy Awards, Yahoo, Skin, Inc. and so much more (too many to name)….

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