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Wellness Subscriptions: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Wellness Subscription packages are a great way offer a special gift; while also saving money on future services.  We bundled some of your favorite services at a discount for your benefit.

With a Wellness Subscriptions, we welcome you back again and again, making it easier for you to practice healthy lifestyle habits on a regular basis. Start today and bring your life (or a loved ones life) into balance, with less stress, less toxicity, more energy, improved skin, overall wellness, longevity and better quality of life. We give you incredible perks with more quality of services at a special offer savings!

  • VAGINA STEAM – 5) 30 Minute Sessions = $200
  • ANNUAL FACIAL SUBSCRIPTION – 12) Power to the Pores 1 Hour Facials = 975.
  • SEMI ANNIAL FACIAL SUBSCRIPTION – 6) Power to the Pores 1 Hour Facials = $490.
  • ANNUAL BROW WAX SUBSCRIPTION – 12) Brow Waxes = $200.00