Consent Forms Med Spa

We provide holistic and medical grade spa treatments that sometimes require Consent Forms to authorize your health and wellness for the treatment to be performed. Our consent forms also seek your approval for post care treatment as required of your service.

We use revolutionary technology and techniques to perform high-tech medical grade treatments such as LED phototherapy, Zemits Hydraluxx hydro dermabrasion, micro-needling, oxygen therapy, and more.

Going Paperless Helps the Environment

Consent Forms, Consultations Forms and Medical History Forms are an unavoidable and essential part of running a med spa. When customers come in for their appointments, we need to get all of these important forms completed before you can get started with your treatment. Going paperless in the aesthetics industry can make the whole form filling process way easier and it has a lot of other benefits too.

Your business offers cutting edge treatments to help your patients look and feel great, but if you’re still relying on the outdated method of using paper forms then it’s time to bring your business up to date and go digital instead. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider going paperless in the aesthetics industry.

A Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is extremely important in the aesthetics industry and even though the quality of treatments and the attitude of you and/or your employees are the most important things to consider, there are some small things that can also ruin a customer’s experience including being asked to fill out lengthy forms with all of your medical information before you can have your treatment.

No one likes filling out forms especially in front of other people and if there is a time pressure (because they are late arriving) then this only adds to the stress.

By making the form-filling process an easy one by enabling clients to complete their part of the forms on their phone, in their own time removes this stress and will improve their experience of the process.